Share Paper: Student-Created Reflective Video as Meaningful Formative and Summative Assessment During Hands-On Learning Experiences

  1. Shaunna Smith, Texas State University, United States
Thursday, March 9 10:15-10:45 AM Capitol G

Abstract: This paper examines the use of student-created reflective videos (SCRV) to document hands-on learning experiences, including the degree to which, 1) the technical structure connected multimedia layers to communicate ideas, 2) the pre-determined topics of discussion were addressed authentically, 3) the ethnographic perspective included whole people, whole acts, and whole places, and 4) the documented behaviors represented time and continuity throughout the participant’s unique learning process. This paper provides theoretical background that supports the use of video creation to meaningfully document reflective learning, provides a logistical model for integrating the strategy that scaffolds SCRV as formative and summative assessment within ...