Share Paper: Value Co-creation Model for Higher Education Service

  1. Ryota Sugino, Tokyo Metropolitan University, Japan
  2. Yushun Idei, Tokyo Metropolitan University, Japan
  3. Koji Kimita, Tokyo Metropolitan University, Japan
  4. Yoshiki Shimomura, Tokyo Metropolitan University, Japan
Monday, March 6 3:20-3:40 PM Capitol A

Abstract: In the business so far, it was emphasized for providers to enhance value-in-exchange, which is perceived by receivers as exchanging a product and/or service for consideration. However, in recent years, it has become difficult for providers to increase their profits by only selling products. To solve this problem, value-in-context has been emphasized, which is perceived by receivers as utilizing a product and/or service. In order to effect this, providers and receivers need to co-create value through cooperative interaction. Playing key roles as value creators, both the providers and the receivers need to apply appropriate competencies based on the context of ...