Share Paper: Is Active Learning with Technology Changing Minority Students’ Attitudes Towards Mathematics?

  1. Kossi Edoh, North Carolina A&T State University, United States
  2. Alexandra Kurepa, NC A&T State University, United States
  3. John Paul Roop, NC A&T State University, United States

Abstract: Abstract: In this paper we present results on the effects of active learning and technology on student class participation, satisfaction and learning. We used ScaleUP and EMPORIUM active learning models in our redesigned pre-calculus and calculus courses. These models have been modified for minority students to increase their interaction with faculty and students, and improve their engagement and performance. There is a strong pedagogical belief that the more time students spend on solving mathematical problems, the more proficient they become. We discuss our successes and challenges, document student attitudes toward active learning using technology, and propose some recommendations moving forward.