Share Paper: Interviews of Participants in a Short-Term Study Abroad Program in Costa Rica Regarding Educational Technology

  1. Stephen Adams, Educational Technology and Media Leadership, California State University, Long Beach, United States
  2. Fabian Rojas Ramirez, Educational Leadership, California State University, Long Beach, USA and Universidad Nacional, Costa Rica
Wednesday, March 8 1:45 PM-2:15 PM Capitol F

Abstract: This paper details a study of educators who participated in a unique short-term study abroad course concerning information and communication technologies in education. The course originates in the United States and involves travel to Costa Rica, where participants visit K-12 schools and also interact with students and faculty at a Costa Rican university. Interviews averaging 35 minutes were conducted with 10 educators who had participated one to three years earlier. Results of the study document participants’ reports of (1) the most significant and rewarding experiences of the program, (2) their knowledge of information and communications technologies in a global context, ...