Share Paper: Developing Storybooks without Words for Character Education: A Unique Use of Augmented Reality for Student Learning and Product Development

  1. Domenic Dini, University of Nevada, Reno, United States
  2. Leping Liu, University of Nevada, Reno, United States
Tuesday, March 7 5:30 PM-7:00 PM Capitol Ballroom D & E

Abstract: Changes to the global workforce have required changes to skills that students are taught in the classroom. 21st century skills must be developed so that students are better equipped to compete for jobs. In education, assessing whether these skills have been developed is challenging since most common assessments cannot effectively measure these skills. The purpose of this paper is to explain how the use of student-developed augmented reality storybooks can be used as an assessment method to develop content knowledge and 21st century skills development. Educators can develop project guidelines that integrate the Aurasma app so that students can demonstrate ...