Share Paper: Language success in the global economy:Internationalization of English literacy with computer differentiated instruction and face-to-face pedagogy

  1. Janet Testerman, Gulf University for Science and Technology, Kuwait
Tuesday, March 7 10:15-10:45 AM Capitol B

Abstract: The present analysis examines whether differences in instructional approaches—specifically, whether and how Achieve 3000 (Achieve 3000 and Empower 3000 are used interchangeably in this paper) has been used as part of the total course—relate to differences in acquisition of the spectrum of English language skills. A control instructor devised non-Achieve oriented lessons toward attaining the same course objectives. Instructors using all five components of Achieve3000 (pre-reading poll and writing, article reading, multiple choice questions, post-article poll and writing, and thought question) had students experiencing greater increases in Lexile scores. Differences in instructional style can be associated with theories of reinforcement, ...