Share Paper: Scoring validity: Designing and implementing an online training module for rater training

  1. Cristina Perez-Guillot, Universitàt Politecnica de València, Spain
  2. Julia Zabala-Delgado, Universitàt Politecnica de València, Spain
Tuesday, March 7 4:15 PM-5:15 PM Creekside I

Abstract: The reliability of direct testing of writing has been a concern since the 19th century (Edgeworth 1890). Although variability in rating writing is an inextricable part of the process inherent to its subjectivity, random variability can lead to casualization of marker consistency (Barrett, 1999) and have devastating consequences for students. Training teachers to score scripts is presented in the literature error as the solution to reduce rater error while respecting the individuality of both the rater, the student and the task at hand. However, although some authors recommend an entire rater training day and cyclic training sessions. The training duration ...