Share Paper: The Effect of Tech Time in Preschool: A Randomized Controlled Study

  1. Beth Rogowsky, Bloomsburg University of PA, United States
Wednesday, March 8 3:40 PM-4:00 PM Capitol A

Abstract: This study examined the effects of computer-assisted instruction presented via e-tablet on preschool children’s literacy and numeracy skills. Two groups of preschoolers from a suburban childcare center served as participants (n = 47). The computer-assisted (CA) group received 10 minutes of daily-individualized instruction using interactive software for 11 weeks, while the comparison group participated in self-selected learning centers (i.e. library, writing, sensory table, blocks, etc.) during the 10 minutes. The groups were compared on achievement of literacy skills and numeracy skills. Analysis of pretest and posttest measures revealed significant improvements for the CA group. The evidence indicates that educational software ...