Thursday, March 24
3:40 PM-4:00 PM
Scarbrough 2

Buy-In and Payoff: Using Gamification Strategies to Increase Pre-Service Teacher Professionalism

Brief Paper ID: 48413
  1. aaa
    Curby Alexander
    Texas Christian University

Abstract: One of the most important transitions pre-service teachers make during their preparation is from assignment-oriented students to education professionals. Faculty who teach pre-service teachers can assist in this process by addressing expectations for professional behavior. Gamification strategies, particularly points and a leaderboard, can be an effective way to provide students with timely feedback regarding their progress in this area. Digital leaderboards are particularly effective at providing timely feedback because they can be updated quickly, accessed on multiple platforms, and viewed in private repeatedly. This study will investigate the effectiveness of points and a leaderboard on increasing specific targeted professional behaviors in pre-service teachers, and data from three semesters of a large Introduction to Education course will be analyzed. This study will provide a baseline for future research in this area.

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