Share Paper: The Sleeping Giant Awakens? Two Cases in Geospatial Tools Re-Shaping Curricular Content in Elementary Social Studies

  1. Thomas Hammond, Lehigh University, United States
  2. Julie Oltman, Lehigh University, United States
Thursday, March 24 4:15-4:45 PM Scarbrough 3

Abstract: The literature on technology integration on social studies education is extensive but has largely observed adoption without any resulting impact on the curriculum. One family of technologies that holds particular promise for not just adoption but curricular transformation is geospatial tools. The researchers have had the opportunity to work with two dyads of elementary social studies teachers to integrate geospatial tools (spatially-referenced augmented reality and Google Earth) into existing instruction. Following this first implementation, the teachers have expressed a desire to revise their curriculum to make better use of these geospatial tools and their associated pedagogies. The resulting case studies ...