Wearable Technology and Childhood Fitness

Posted by Stephanie Barbee on February 4 2016 at 12:10 a.m.

  • Most studies I have reviewed on wearables in K-12 have been focused on fitness monitoring.

    However, recently I came across a journal article: Lee, V. R., Drake, J., & Williamson, K. (2015). Let's Get Physical: K-12 Students Using Wearable Devices to Obtain and Learn About Data from Physical Activities. TechTrends, 59(4), 46-53, that utilizes the data capture as an opportunity to teach math content. I found this to be a really great read, and it demonstrates an innovative way to support math instruction that is relevant to the students.

    I wanted to find out how others are using wearables in the classroom. Please share your experiences.


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