Digital Democracy: Panelists will share technology-based projects for empowering marginalized populations in K-12 and adult education. Attendees will be invited to discuss uses of technology for addressing a deepening digital divide in the U.S.

ID: 45604 Type: Panel
  1. Karin Wiburg, New Mexico State University, United States
  2. Ken Tellez, Mesquite Learning Center, Dona Ana Community College, United States
  3. Armando Altamirano, New Mexico State Univesity, United States
  4. Julia Parra, New Mexico State University, United States

Friday, March 6 1:45 PM-2:45 PM Location: Amazon T View on map

No presider for this session.

Abstract: The Digital Divide has been deepening over the last 10 years. As those with power have become increasingly knowledgeable in the uses of technology for their educational work and workforce participation, a large segment of society continues to be cut off from electronic resources, learning opportunities and eventually jobs. This proposed panel presentation will share innovative and promising uses of technology to provide increased access for currently under-represented and marginalized populations. The Lead Panelist will frame the issues of digital equity and justice, and panelists will share research and findings on 1) a community-based educational center for ELL students that uses technology to build academic language and 2) the use of funds of knowledge in a preservice teaching with technology class to engage diverse students in how to use technology in culturally-responsive ways. Those who attend will be invited to add to the discussion on digital equity.


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