Thursday, March 5
3:00 PM-6:30 PM

National Technology Leadership Summit (NTLS) Workshop for SITE SIG Leaders

Workshop ID: 44585
  1. aaa
    Glen Bull
    University of Virginia
  2. aaa
    David Slykhuis
    James Madison University
  3. aaa
    John Lee
    North Carolina State University
  4. aaa
    Nigel Standish
    University of Virginia

Abstract: The National Technology Leadership Summit (NTLS) workshop is intended to familiarize SITE leaders (SIG chairs and journal editors) with NTLS outcomes. This workshop will introduce participants to SITE’s collaboration with the Smithsonian Institution and related events at the NTLS. Participants will have the opportunity to reconstruct an invention from the Smithsonian collections. Workgroup leaders will explore ways in which 3D technologies can be used in science, mathematics, language arts and social studies.


SITE leaders who participated in NTLS will serve as facilitators to support each SIG chair or SITE editor in design of a 3D printed object. Each participant will complete a working reconstruction of a historical invention by the end of the workshop. This interactive hands-on workshop has four objectives: 1. To introduce participants to 3D printing technologies (hardware & software) appropriate for schools, and related web-based resources 2. To introduce participants to Invention Kits that facilitate reconstruction of pivotal inventions in American history through 3D printing 3. To introduce participants to practical ways in which 3D-printed historical reconstructions can be used to develop cross-curricular lessons in science, mathematics, engineering, language arts, and social studies 4. To explore ways in which students can use this as a foundation to recreate their own original inventions

Topical Outline

1. 10 min) Overview of the National Technology Leadership Summit – David Slykhuis 2. (10 min) Introduction to Historical Reconstruction of Inventions – John Lee 3. (10 min) Historical Reconstruction Invention Kits – Glen Bull 4. (2 hours) Participants will reconstruct a working model of an invention using a Historical Reconstruction Invention Kit downloaded from the Smithsonian 3D web site. Four groups facilitated by NTLS leaders will explore the following content areas: a. Science – David Slykhuis b. Mathematics – Christine Thomas c. Language Arts – Tandra Tyler Wood d. Social Studies – John Lee 5. (30 min) Implications for Teacher Education: Discussion of ways in which SITE leadership and collaboration with partner associations (ASTE, AMTE, NCTE / CEE, NCSS / CUFA, AACTE, etc.) can advance integration of this emergent technology in the teacher education curriculum.


Participants must be a SITE leader (i.e., a SIG chair or a SITE journal editor) or the leader of an association collaborating with SITE.

Experience Level



David Slykhuis is the president of SITE. John Lee is the chair of the SITE Teacher Education Council. Glen Bull is the chair of the Engineering Education SIG. Nigel Standish is coordinator of the Curry / Ablemarle Technology Infusion Program (TIP).
No presider for this session.


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