Revenues & efficiency of teaching and learning with ICT

Posted by Aike van der Hoeff on April 8 2013 at 12:03 p.m.

Tags: revenues, efficiency

At the SITE 2013 conference I looked for presentations, sessions or symposia about strengthening the efficiency of learning and teaching with the application of ICT. There were none. I did so because the Dutch organization Kennisnet (transl.: ‘Knowledgenet’) publishes a yearly report called “monitor”, in which they describe the state of the art concerning the application of ICT in education in the Netherlands. In this “Vier in balans monitor 2012” ( ) they argue that by now it has been proven experimentally that applying ICT in Education: 1. Results in stronger motivation of students 2. Results in higher test scores 3. Results is faster learning (less time needed. They mention a reasonable amount of sources. Unfortunally the report is not available in English, but about half of the sources they mention are. Because of this 2012 report I started to focus more at the results of teaching and learning with ICT. Does it strengthen motivation? Are the test scores higher? Do students learn faster? The SITE conference 2014 should, in my opinion, put efficiency high at the agenda. Make it a topic, a theme, a subject to focus on. It’s time to start to measure the revenues. This will provide us with stronger arguments that teaching and learning with ICT can no longer be ignored.

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