Monday, March 7
8:30 AM-12:00 PM
Tulip Grove F

W11: HyperStudio as a Digital Storytelling Tool (Bring your Own Laptop)

Workshop ID: 33700
  1. aaa
    Melda N. Yildiz
    Kean Univ.
  2. Samiha Matin
    New York Univ.

Abstract: The goal of this three-hour workshop is to introduce educators to HyperStudio as a Digital Storytelling tool and explore how it can be used as an effective teaching and learning tool for 21st Century classrooms. This workshop is for teacher educators and K12 teachers who would like to integrate digital storytelling into the P16 curriculum, it outlines our experiences teaching video production, digital storytelling in our classrooms; offers creative strategies for producing media with youth and teacher candidates; and showcases their multimedia projects and digital stories. Digital Story examples will be shown. The different ways of using HyperStudio (i.e. the interactive graphic novel) in various subject fields will be shared and discussed. Workshop participants will work with images, sound, background and develop stacks for storyboarding their Digital Story. They will record their narrations and videos, add animations and transitions, and export their project in various formats.


Workshop participants will: *explore HyperStudio as a Digital Storytelling tool; * acquire hands-on experience using HyperStudio software; * create a "Who am I?" project; * outline the ways in which HyperStudio can be used as a Digital Storytelling tool in different grades and subject fields; * investigate creative use of HyperStudio in teaching P16 curriculum; and *discuss different assessment strategies and rubrics for HyperStudio projects.

Topical Outline

Outline: Workshop participants will gain hands-on experience in the following areas: • Adding text, still images, sound and video files in a digital story project, • Outlining and editing a story board, • Introduction to Digital Storytelling, • HyperStudio examples from different grades and subject fields, • Introduce the basics elements of HyperStudio by adding photos to the first card of the project, make each card a link to the individual cards, add text and a button that returns to the first card, • Create a “Who am I” movie by dropping a folder of images and movie clips on to the HyperStudio application, • Export the final digital story to various formats (i.e. Webpage, video podcast), • Create a 1-card comic style stack, and to demonstrate how photos can be easily added to the comic and speech bubbles with text added, • Explore "Roger's Memory Box" and Angel Island project and modify it with the participants’ own images and text.


Workshop participants must bring their own computer. Each participant will receive a copy of the HyperStudio software. The workshop is appropriate for teacher educators, technology coordinators, graduate students and K-12 teachers in all content areas and grade levels.


Melda N. Yildiz is a teacher educator in School for Global Education and Innovation at Kean University. Since 1994, she taught Media Literacy, Multimedia Production to P-16 educators and teacher candidates. Melda worked as a Media Specialist at Northfield Mount Hermon School, taught video and multimedia production (using HyperStudio) to grades 9-12, and presented featuring Educational Media, Global Education, Media Literacy, Multimedia Production, Semiotics, and Multicultural Education in many national and international conferences. She received her Ed.D. from University of Massachusetts on Math & Science and Instructional Technology. She received an M.S. from Southern Connecticut State University on Instructional Technology. She majored in Teaching English as a Foreign Language at Bogazici University, in Turkey. Samiha Matin holds a PhD in Arts and Humanities Education from New York University and specializes in film and media. She was a Writers House Russell Fellow in the English Dept., Rutgers University, New Brunswick, NJ where she developed and taught courses in visual literacy, digital media production, and media culture.


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