Share Paper: Using 360-Degree Video Footage to Support the Preparation and Development of Teachers

  1. Aaron David Trocki, Elon University, United States
  2. Ted Moree, Elon University, United States
Thursday, October 6 11:45 AM-12:00 PM Room 5

Abstract: A major challenge facing teacher educators is that of preparing and developing teachers who apply what is learned in teacher-preparation coursework to experiences in classroom teaching. This session shares one promising approach in the use of 360-degree video footage of classroom teaching episodes with prospective teachers. Short video snippets will be shared that highlight the benefits of 360-degree panning to unpack the complexities of teaching. These videos are currently being used in a methods for teaching secondary mathematics course. Prospective teacher work samples will be shared and include rubric rankings, written explanations, and reflection papers based on viewing and using ...