Thursday, October 6
11:30-11:45 AM
Room 3

Cultural Heritage Mapping using ArcGIS

Live Paper Presentation ID: 61563
  1. aaa
    Curby Alexander
    Texas Christian University
  2. Molly Weinburgh
    Texas Christian University
  3. Kristen Brown
    Texas Christian University

Abstract: Using current data from a large urban city in the southwest United States and the state historical commission, a collaborative team of researchers and teachers has developed an approach to help high school students cultivate an asset-based perspective on their communities: Cultural Heritage Mapping. This framework is based on 6 categories of Community Cultural Wealth: aspirational wealth, linguistic wealth, familial wealth, social wealth, navigational wealth, and resistance wealth. In our project, students documented Community Cultural Wealth using ArcGIS Online and its complementary mobile app, Field Maps. Using these digital tools, students added geolocations enriched with images and descriptions representing the many aspects of their neighborhoods’ Community Cultural Wealth. Students’ data was added as a layer in an ArcGIS map, along with other data layers (median family income, historical data, local businesses, etc.) to show the juxtaposition between the deficit- and asset-based narratives. Future work in this area will help students identify potential historical markers for their community that are more inclusive of the current population.

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