Welcome to SITE Interactive 2022

Posted by Elizabeth Langran on October 3 2022 at 7:22 p.m.

Welcome to our third SITE Interactive Conference! This is our annual Fall online event to keep our SITE community connected in-between our annual Spring conferences. You will notice that there are some session types unique to this event that we hope will reflect SITE Interactive’s focus on practitioners, provide a supportive atmosphere for graduate students, and offer opportunities for rich discussions. Because SITE is an international community, we recognize we are spanning many different time zones for these sessions! Throughout the two days, this AcademicExperts platform will allow you to find and access live sessions, as well as view and post comments for the asynchronous discussions.

In addition to our concurrent sessions, featured speakers, and workshops, be sure to check out the theme meetings. These are open to everybody and are a great way to meet other SITE members who are interested in the same topic.

Many thanks to this year’s program chair, Danah Henriksen, who has been working with me on our program and supporting our teams. I am grateful for the volunteers who stepped up to be part of the leadership team for each theme: Lesley Farmer, Marie Heath, David Rutledge, Jorge Reyna, and Parviz Safadel (Decolonized, Inclusive, and Empowering: The role of Educational Technology); Nancy Chapko, Susan Elwood, Nikleia Eteokleous, Larry Ferguson, Sarah Prestridge, Mary Rice, and My Tran (Beyond Emergency Remote Teaching: Supporting Learning and Engagement in Online and Blended Environments); Kellie Alston, Tonia Dousay, Lara Ervin-Kassab, and Cecil R. Short (The Big Picture: Educational Technology Policy, Ethics, and Big Data); Sumreen Asim, Pankaj Khazanchi, Rashmi Khazanchi, Rich Lamb, Lesia Lennex, and Junhe Yang (Frontier Technologies: XR, AI, Makerspace, and More); Todd Cherner, Vivian B. Intatano, Amy Lane, Joann Latorre, Keryn Pratt, and Amy Vujaklija (Developing the Profession: Growing in Leadership, Academia, and Teaching Practice). Special thanks to Conference Director Sarah Benson and her team at AACE for making it all work.

And a big thanks to you for being here! Since this is still a new-ish event for us, it is continuing to evolve. This year’s event looks similar to last year’s, but the 2023 program chair, Cecil Short, is working with the SITE president-elect, Jake Cohen, on doing a reboot of SITE Interactive 2023 – stay tuned for the exciting new version of the event.

We’re looking forward to the conversations! Thanks for joining us for the third SITE Interactive conference.

Elizabeth Langran, SITE President

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