Share Paper: Exploring the Connection Between Universal Design for Learning and Culturally Responsive Teaching: Community, Choice, and Support for Diverse Learners through Different Teaching Modalities

  1. Kerrigan Mahoney, Minnesota State University, Mankato, United States
  2. Elizabeth Harsma, Minnesota State University, Mankato, United States
Wednesday, October 27 11:30 AM-12:00 PM ROOM 2

Abstract: A key consideration of designing and implementing instruction with technology is meeting the needs of diverse learners. A technology that can provide access to learning for one student may create a barrier for a different student. While technology has the potential to support learning, there are complex considerations that need to be made by educators so that any use of technology is implemented to remove barriers across different teaching modalities, including synchronous/asynchronous online, hybrid/blended, HyFlex, and face-to-face. Two well-known frameworks that can help educators effectively address student differences are universal design for learning (UDL) and culturally responsive teaching frameworks. Grounded ...