Share Paper: Educational Technology Use in Early-Childhood Classrooms: Influence of Teacher Characteristics on Implementation

  1. Angela Plut, Katy Independent School District, United States
  2. Jana Willis, University of Houston-Clear lake, United States
  3. Michelle Giles, University of Houston-Clear Lake, United States
  4. Michelle Peters, University of Houston-Clear Lake, United States
  5. Orange Amy, University of Houston-Clear Lake, United States

Abstract: Researchers will share results of a study that examined perceptions, attitudes, technology proficiency, age, and years of service of early-childhood teachers’ and the impact of those factors on educational technology use in early-childhood classrooms. While the 21st century catapulted classrooms into the technology age there needs to be balance between traditional teaching methods and use of developmentally appropriate technology in early-childhood classrooms. A mixed-methods design provided insight into teachers’ perceptions, attitudes, and proficiency of technology use in early-childhood classrooms as compared to age and years of service. Outcomes indicated early-childhood teachers with more years of service were more likely to ...