Wednesday, October 27
3:15-3:21 PM

Teaching Practice for Pre-service Teachers in the Metaverse Learning Environment

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  1. aaa
    Yuseon Jeong
    Chonnam National University
  2. Taehyeong Lim
    Chonnam National University
  3. aaa
    Jeeheon Ryu
    Chonnam National University

Abstract: The purpose of this study is to determine whether a metaverse-based micro-teaching environment can be used to provide teaching practice for pre-service teachers. Micro-teaching is a teaching-learning method in which teachers can conduct simulated classes and improve their teaching skills through the process of feedback, evaluation, and reflection. Micro-teaching requires a minimum teaching environment, teaching experts and fellow students. However, in the current COVID-19 pandemic situation, setting up an environment for micro-teaching can be difficult, and so this study has suggested metaverse as an alternative. The Virbela platform was used as a metaverse environment to conduct micro-teaching for 26 pre-service teachers of the summer semester in 2021. A micro-teaching environment was constructed in a virtual space, similar to the actual field, and the spatial sense and social interaction characteristics of the metaverse were applied. Pre-service teachers conducted micro-teaching, participated in the classes virtually as avatars, and assisted other facilitators and learners in developing their ability to cope with classroom situations by asking questions or providing suggestions that can be applied in the actual classroom environment. It is expected that this metaverse learning environment can be used to enhance the sense of reality for pre-service teachers, improve their teaching skills, and develop their ability to cope with classroom situations.

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