Share Paper: Professional Development in Virtual Learning Environment: Designing Computational Thinking Enriched Practices through Inquiry-based Learning

  1. Xiaoxue Du, Teachers College, Columbia University, United States
  2. Ellen Meier, Teachers College, Columbia University, United States
Wednesday, October 27 12:00-12:30 PM ROOM 4

Abstract: The integration of computational thinking (CT) into the inquiry-based learning approach has been effective in shifting teachers’ classroom practices. This study implemented a research-based, professional development intervention model that introduced foundational knowledge of computational thinking through technologically enriched, inquiry-based projects. Six in-service teachers who serve students with special needs in New York City participated in the study. The convergent mixed methods was used to capture both quantitative and qualitative data to analyze participants’ ability to design CT enriched curriculum. Participants made positive shifts in their use of CT to design curriculum after the professional development intervention, suggesting that professional development ...