Tuesday, October 26
10:15-10:45 AM

Show and Tell: Pre-service Teachers Use Quality Matters for Online Course Design

Best Practices or Mentoring Moments ID: 59222
  1. aaa
    Li-Wei Peng
    Governors State University
  2. aaa
    Cheun-Yeong Lee
    Governors State University

Abstract: Quality Matters™ standard alignment can be essential in online course design, yet, hard to understand, especially for per-service teachers. This presentation demonstrates how pre-service teachers in a minority-serving university in the State of Illinois were trained online to adopt the Quality Matters™ K-12 Standard and Rubric to build capacity for designing online courses, as well as applying this expertise to peer review newly developed online courses. The online presentation will be dynamic in nature and engage participants through the use of Show and Tell, ending with designated time for Q&A. During the Q&A, session participants will number off into groups and compose responses to three prompts related to effective teaching strategies to facilitate pre-service teachers in Quality Matters™ standard alignment. Each group will have a chance to share out with the group at large through virtual Post-It notes and provide constructive feedback to other groups.

No presider for this session.


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