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  • Welcome to SITE Interactive 2021!

    Posted by Elizabeth Langran on Oct. 18, 2021, 5:14 p.m.

    Welcome to our second SITE Interactive Conference! We had long been seeking a way to keep our SITE community connected in-between our annual spring conferences, and designed this new event to give us a place for these conversations to happen. We were so excited by the success of SITE Interactive last fall we have decided to try it again, with a few updates. This year, we have organized the event around themes suggested by the SIG chairs, and we are grateful for the volunteers who stepped up to be part of the leadership team for each theme: Decolonized, Inclusive, and Empowering: The role of Educational Technology (Junhe Yang, Stephanie Smith Budhai, Jorge Reyna, Jeremy Price, and Garron Hillaire); The Future of Online Teaching in Teacher Education (Cecil R. Short, Gerald Ardito, Anne Tapp, Jiahang Li, and Amy Vujaklija); Social-emotional Impact of Technology (Rachel Terlop, My Tran, Lara Ervin-Kassab, and Vivian B. Intatano); Developing the Profession: Growing in Leadership, Academia, and Teaching Practice (Rashmi Khazanchi, Nancy Chapko, Zachary Haney, Joann Latorre, and John Lee); and Frontier Technologies: XR, AI, Makerspace, and More (Jon Clausen, Richard Lamb, Michelle Taub, and Laurie Campbell). I also want to thank our associate council chairs for their early input as we thought about this year’s event design, Conference Director Sarah Duke Benson and her team at AACE for making it all work, and the SITE Interactive 2021 Program Chair, David Rutledge, for his assistance in everything from submission categories to speakers.

    And a big thanks to you for being here! We designed this event to be distinctly different from our annual spring conference to allow for more conversations on key problems of practice and the evolving situations we find ourselves in related to technology and teacher education. You will notice that there are some session types unique to this fall event that we hope will reflect SITE Interactive’s focus on practitioners, provide a supportive atmosphere for graduate students, and offer opportunities for rich discussions. Because SITE is an international community, we recognize we are spanning many different time zones for these sessions! Throughout the three days, this Academic Experts platform will allow you to find and access sessions, as well as post in asynchronous discussions.

    We’re looking forward to the conversations! Thanks for joining us for the second SITE Interactive conference! More...

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