Wednesday, October 28
10:15-10:40 AM
Room 8

Adding Gamification to a Teacher Education Course

Full Paper ID: 58151
  1. aaa
    Quinn McCashin
    University of Alberta
  2. aaa
    Catherine Adams
    University of Alberta
  3. Michael Carbonaro
    University of Alberta

Abstract: Gamification stands as an emerging and controversial topic in the education community. It proposes using game-like elements or mechanics in the non-game setting of the classroom (Gordon et al. 2013). When applied appropriately, gamification can increase student engagement and motivation, improve attitudes towards learning, and may even improve achievement (Dicheva et al. 2014). However, gamification in education is not without its detractors and some experts worry it relies too heavily on extrinsic motivation (Buckley and Doyle, 2016) or that it might be a trendy but temporary fad (Lister et al., 2014). Using TPACK as a framework (Mishra and Koehler, 2006), we developed and implemented a gamified component for a large undergraduate teacher technology course. In this paper, we outline the process of gamification as it was applied to low-stakes course activities in order to promote preservice teacher learning. We examine course participation rates under the gamified model and highlight focus areas for future research.

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