Wednesday, October 28
11:30-11:55 AM
Room 5

Creativity: Superpower for 21st Century Learners

Best Practices or Demo Teaching ID: 58013
  1. aaa
    Hilary Seitz
    University of Alaska Anchorage

Abstract: To begin the journey of finding and using one’s superpower of creativity that as a teacher of young children and of a learner of life, we must all work and talk together to truly understand what creativity is. We must ask questions, we must reflect on our own strengths and think about ways we have an impact in the world. We must try things out with both successes and challenges, so we understand the possibilities. Then we can use this to impact our own work and those around us. The mere act of finding a superpower and acting on it can be a transformative experience. Once we begin to use our superpower of creativity, the world becomes our oyster – figuratively and literally. Through our new normal, we are having to readjust our expectations and our ways of learning and teaching whether it is through online platforms, in small physically distant groups, or in our own homes with our family and home items surrounding us. In this session, you will participate in a “making and tinkering” design challenge to use with young learners or older ones. We will be creative together.

No presider for this session.


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