What do parents really know about their child's online behavior?

Virtual Paper ID: 57972
  1. aaa
    Yehuda Peled
    Western Galilee College
  2. aaa
    Maya Kalman-Halevi
    Western Galilee College
  3. aaa
    Rony Tutian
    Western Galilee College

Abstract: This study examined whether and what are the gaps between parents' perceptions of their children's online behavior and the children's perceptions of parental control. It was found that there is a discrepancy between the child's perception of the frequency with which his parents use a mediation strategy, and his parents report on their mediation; Between the child's perception of his parent’s restrictive mediation activities, and their parents' reporting of their restrictive mediation activities; Between the desire of the parents to increase their involvement in their child’s online activity and the desire of the child to keep this involvement intact; A gap between the child and his parents in assessing the dangers inherent on the Internet; There is a positive correlation between the en-abling mediating strategy that was reported by the parent while the child browsed the internet and the child's reporting his online browsing experiences with his parents.


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