Tuesday, November 1
12:00-12:15 PM
Room 2

Teacher Perspective on Artificial Intelligence in Secondary Education

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    Samantha Norton
    University of North Texas

Abstract: Artificial Intelligence (AI) is an emerging technology that many users interact with on a daily basis and may not even realize it. Such technologies encourage educators to prepare their students with 21st-century skills and digital literacy. There are curricula developed that attempt to bring AI education into the classroom, but there are limited sources that provide teacher perspectives. This study aims to provide educators' points of view on teaching Artificial Intelligence and its potential challenges. An online survey will be shared with educators at a local school district through email to further guide future studies such as potential teacher professional development sessions to familiarize educators with the technology.


PURPOSE OF THE STUDY: Artificial Intelligence is an emerging technology that many users interact with and do not even realize it. As the technology revolution continues, the question arises as to the fit for this technology in an educational setting. This virtual poster presentation aims to inform viewers of the perceptions of educators in the following areas: What do educators consider important for students to do when it comes to AI? Why do educators believe AI should or should not be integrated into the curriculum for a variety of content areas? Do years of experience impact a teacher's perspective on AI integration in a common curriculum?

Topical Outline

The visual representation of the research conducted will use text, charts, graphs, and other appropriate visual aids to inform viewers of survey results for teacher perspective of artificial intelligence integration for K12 educational settings. The following topics will be addressed: Literature Review introducing the topic and previous studies Methodology explaining the data collection and analysis processes Results using charts, graphs, and other appropriate visual aids Discussion where the interpretation of results allows for future predictions and next steps for research along with conclusions from the study


None. The virtual poster presentation will define artificial intelligence, the secondary education setting the survey was shared in, and inform viewers about teacher perspectives on the integration of artificial intelligence in K 12 educational settings.

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Master of Science in Learning Technologies from the University of North Texas Ph.D. in Learning Technologies expected fall of 2024 from the University of North Texas
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