Wednesday, November 2
11:30 AM-12:30 PM
Room 1

Collaborative editing technology for Ignorance-Driven instructions—Preparing students for learning from, of, with, and for their ignorance

Poster Demonstration ID: 61686
  1. aaa
    Jeng-Yi Tzeng
    Institute for Learning Sciences and Technologies, National Tsing-Hua University, Taiwan

Abstract: Knowledge and ignorance, seemingly antithetical, are symbiotic. Ignorance sets off, drives, materializes, measures, and guides learning. However, in school teaching, the predetermined lesson plans and textbook content often pre-specify and confine ignorance to a set of to-be-answered questions, which misconstrues knowing as a process of solving preset ignorance. Based on Nepistemology and Enactivism, this study presents an "ignorance-driven teaching and learning approach" in 5 university classes. This approach characterizes teachers as the "perturbing agent" and students as the "ignorance spelunker." Students were asked to raise and discuss questions on Google Documents before and after class sessions and shared their thoughts and feelings about lectures in real-time on Google Worksheets during classes. They were also asked to discuss and provide answers to classmates' questions in groups before the instructor discussed them in class. The goal is to improve students' problem-solving and problem-finding abilities by creating ample ignorance space against which students pushed the boundary of their comprehension. Questionnaires about students' reactions and attitudes about learning were administered at the termination of each class. Analyses of these questionnaires showed positive reactions from students. Qualitative analysis of students' questions showed how ignorance-driven instruction expanded teachers' and students' knowledge beyond teaching materials and lesson plans.

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