Share Paper: Improving Students’ Question Quality Through Online Iterative Refinement Activity

  1. Ari Nugraha, Graduate School of Library, Information and Media Studies, University of Tsukuba, Japan
  2. Tomoo Inoue, Faculty of Library, Information and Media Science, University of Tsukuba, Japan
Wednesday, November 10 10:35-10:55 AM Room 4

Abstract: Question generation and refinement activities have been proved to positively impact students’ learning as they actively construct a relationship between students’ knowledge and the learning material. In this study, we investigated how students’ questions evolved and improved through multiple refinement processes. We experimented with synchronous online learning sessions with third-year undergraduate students working collaboratively in a triad (group of three) to get various viewpoints on how the questions evolved. In the experiment sessions, the students generated questions based on the video learning material and iteratively refined the questions generated by their peers and by themselves sequentially. Results showed that the ...