Social and Emotional Competence Development With 360°-Videos

Posted by Eric Tarantini on November 4 2021 at 9:50 a.m.

  • Good morning :)

    I just went through your paper on fostering social and emotional competence with 360°-videos, which I really much enjoyed!

    Even tough technology in general and 360°-videos in particular might be useful in certain ways to foster social and emotional competence (as your paper clearly illustrates), I am asking myself, if such tools may also be part of the bigger problem, as they might lead to social isolation due to children who rather like playing with such tools instead of going out and meeting friends. Maybe you can elaborate on this thought?

    Thanks in advance for your occasional feedback. Keep up the good work!



  • Thanks for your comment, Michael!

    Indeed, as digital tools are becoming more and more present at schools, the problematic of social isolation can arise even further. Nevertheless, the current period showed us the value of face-to-face interaction in order to build a trustful relationship with students.

    If you (also other attendees) read my article I would be interested in your thoughts about the following question:

    • Do you think that 360°-video technology could be transferred to other subjects you teach at your University? And how could you make use of the benefits the technology offers regarding perspective?


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