Share Paper: Online Graduate Students’ Globalized Teaching and Learning Experience

  1. Jiang Tan, SUNY Oneonta, United States
  2. Daqi Li, SUNY Oneonta, United States
Thursday, July 11 2:20-2:40 PM Room 117

Abstract: The Educational Technology Specialist Program at SUNY Oneonta attracts in-service teachers to pursue their masters’ degree online. Toward the end of the program, students are to complete a 20-hour field experience to demonstrate their technology skills. This practicum is guided by schools’ technologists. The challenges include finding qualified supervisors and accurately assessing students’ performance. Some candidates are not highly motivated in doing the field experience because they have already conducted different technology-based collaborative activities in other courses before they begin the practicum. In order to solve the problems, we changed the assignment into a global teaching and learning practice. This ...