Share Paper: Indoors gardening as an incentive to combine STEM disciplines in an all girls HS in Rwanda, Africa, while focusing on an international college degree.

  1. Gerri Light, University of Pennsylvania, United States
  2. Jorge Santiago-Aviles, University of Pennsylvania, United States
Thursday, July 11 2:00-2:20 PM Room 117

Abstract: As part of a collaboration between Penn and GGAST, we are involved in exploring the technology of indoors gardening and renewable energy. We began by exploring a cash crop and with the required science and technology needed for a successful project. The selected cultivar offering the benefits of a potential business is to cultivate tomatoes, and of course produce, package, and sell tomato ketchup. The students were all persuaded of the benefits in acquiring the pertinent skill-set, with the relevant knowledge of the basic sciences and technology. Once the project was underway and the outcome reasonable, they focus on continuing ...