Share Paper: Instructors’ and Students’ Perception towards Collaborative Technologies Using for Online Education

  1. Danh Nguyen, Educational Psychology and Leadership, College of Education, Texas Tech University, United States
  2. Lien Nguyen, Curriculum & Instruction, College of Education, Texas Tech University, United States
Thursday, July 11 12:25-12:45 PM Room 122

Abstract: The purpose of this study was to determine instructors’ and students’ perception toward using collaborative technology tools to enhance online collaborative learning and online group work in the online environment. The study would investigate the potentials of technological tools using for collaborative learning in order to replicate the face-to-face activities in the online setting. The findings showed that the technological tool expressed the easiness of usage for online collaboration, especially online collaborative group work. We also found significant findings related to collaborative technologies used in the online learning environment regarding students' and instructors' perspectives. The findings and implementation would contribute ...