Share Paper: Use of Enabling Technology to Enhance Self-Efficacy Beliefs and Social Capital Dispositions: Integrating ArcGIS in an Upper Level Business Course

  1. Patrick Guilbaud, Winthrop University, United States
  2. Matt Hayes, Winthrop University, United States
  3. Duha Hamed, Winthrop University, United States
Thursday, July 11 10:30 AM-11:00 AM Room 123

Abstract: We present, via this paper, the results of a study that examined whether classroom-based group work in conjunction with use of ArcGIS, as an enabling technology, helps strengthen students’ domain knowledge and career-related skills. The study focused on the use of learner centered pedagogy with technology as part of a semester long classroom project in an upper division business administration course. Activities for the project occurred both within and without the classroom. Participants had to use the ArcGIS software to perform data analysis and make recommendation about an important real-world business decision. Preliminary results from the study indicate that the ...