Share Paper: Implementation of MOOCs as Part of the Academic Curriculum at Tel Aviv University

  1. Tal Soffer, Tel Aviv University, Israel
  2. Anat Cohen, Tel Aviv University, Israel
Friday, April 17 10:30 AM-11:00 AM S5

Abstract: The study presented in this paper examines the feasibility of using MOOCs as a learning environment in academic courses. This paper focuses on the students who participated in two MOOCs which offered by Tel Aviv University (TAU) during the year 2013. The findings illustrate the activity scope and learning intensity that exists in the courses, in terms of learning, teaching and assessing. In addition, attitudes of TAU students who participated in these courses as part of their curriculum are presented. From TAU’s perspective, the presented MOOCs are considered to be a successful experience for all those involved: the students, who ...