Share Paper: The Effectiveness to Improve Lectures by Using Students Keywords on "Instructional Kitchen Studio (IKS)" system.

  1. Akihiro Aoyagi, Miyagi University of Education, Japan
  2. Akinobu Ando, Miyagi University of Education, Japan
  3. Darold Davis, Replicant A.D., Ltd., United States
Thursday, May 20 11:15 AM-12:15 PM Andaman Ballroom 2

Abstract: In this paper, we describe our development of a LMS (Learning Management System) for mobile devices and its effectiveness for teachers to improve their lectures. We developed this system as a pure web based application and we designed it for use in a face-to-face classroom setting without the students using PCs. We named this system "Instructional Kitchen Studio (IKS) ". The IKS has eight functions for instruction. In particular, this paper mentions five functions for a teacher. According to practical usage and research at a university, we found that the "collection keywords" function was useful for a teacher to estimate ...