Monday, May 17
9:00 AM-12:30 PM
Andaman Ballroom 2

W2: Expanding Teaching and Learning through Effective Use of Open Educational Resources e.g., Moodle e-Learning Platform and eXe Offline Authoring Tool (Bring Your Laptop)

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    Anuradha Gungadeen
    Mauritius Institute of Education

Abstract: In this increasingly globalised technological era, wiring schools are becoming a one of the major challenges in the educational sector in Mauritius. The Mauritius Institute of Education (MIE) recognises the vital role of infusing Information Technology and Communications (ICT) across the existing content, that is, the potential of learning ‘with’ technology as a means for actively engaging and motivating the students in the learning process. The rapid spread of the use of online learning technology in education is somehow forcing academics to redefine their teaching strategies by adopting new innovative tools and practices. In this context technology is viewed as a major part of any educational innovation if it is used as a tool to enhance teaching and learning.


Participants should be able to: - Understand the concept of instructional design for online teaching and learning apply the principles of instructional design in content development - Familiarize with the eXe Offline Authoring Tool and the Moodle e-Learning Platform interface - Integrate open source software in deploying content for the web Authoring Tool and the Moodle e-Learning Platform - Interpret their understanding of instructional design to creation of e-content - Export *.elp files on Moodle e-learning platform - Produce e-learning content using both OERs - Appreciate the importance of team building and collaborative tasks - Justify the use of OERs in effective teaching and learning

Topical Outline

Major guidelines are set as below: The workshop is divided into four main parts: I. Activation II. Demonstration III. Application IV. Integration I. In the activation section the participants will be introduced to the fundamentals and the importance of Open Education (OERs) Resources in the teaching and learning environment. The two major OERs used will be the: 1. eXe Offline Authoring Tool 2. Moodle e-Learning Platform The basics of instructional design for online learning will also be considered. This will enable participants to structure their e-learning content in a more effective way. II. The demonstration section will consists of providing visual explanation (demonstration) and appropriate handouts of both OERs to the participants to better equip them so that they can apply the same principles in part III (Application). III. The third part is geared towards the application of the OERs in teaching and learning. In this part participants will have the opportunity to have hands on practice the eXe Offline Authoring Tool and Moodle e-Learning platform. They will be provided both handouts and assistance from me. IV. The last part of this workshop is the ‘Integration’. Here, participants will be provided demonstration of how and why OERs can be integrated to deliver quality content to learners. Following to that, all participants will need to under part III so that have hands on practice as well as understand the importance of this aspect. Team building will also be required.


Instructors, Instructional Designers, Educators

Experience Level



Author: GUNGADEEN Anuradha Lecturer in Open & Distance Learning (ODL) Mauritius Institute of Education, MAURITIUS Masters in Computer Mediated Communication and Pedagogies Ranked first with Distinction University of Mauritius Mauritius, Indian Ocean AWARDS: Malaysian Commonwealth Scholarship and Fellowship Plan 2007/2008 – To Read my PhD in “Online course development based on learning object and instructional design principle– A new approach for knowledge transfer in the two different university-level disciplines (University of Mauritius & University of Malaysia)” Mauritius Research Council Award (2007) – To read MPhil/Phd in “Combining Learning objects with instructional design principles – A new approach for knowledge engineering in countries of the Commonwealth of Learning WORK EXPERIENCE: ? Course Writer for Open and Distance Learning Materials (Mauritius Institute of Education and Mauritius College of the Air) ? Lecturer in Open & Distance Learning at the Mauritius Institute of Education (Aug 2007 – Date) ? Research Assistant at the Virtual Centre for Innovative Learning Technologies, University of Mauritius (Jan 2006 – to Date) Mentorship for Assistant Lecturer/Lecturer for the Module of Curriculum Development at the University of Mauritius (Aug 2006 – Feb 2007) Part-Time tutor for “Training the Trainers for IC3” Part-Time etutoring for MSc Computer Mediated Communication and Pedagogies for the MiniProject Module Technical Assistant/Senior Technical Assistant (University of Mauritius – Sept 2002to Dec 2005) Provide assistance to Quality Manager (Les Moulins de la Concorde - Jul 2002)
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