Share Paper: Challenges of Transitioning To College for Students with High-Functioning Autism

  1. Shahrokh Shafaie, Southeast Missouri State University ;College of Education, Health & Human Studies, United States
  2. Gary Schaffer, Niagara University; Niagara University, NY, United States
  3. Tony Faber, Southeast Missouri State University;College of Education, Health & Human Studies, United States
  4. Darin Stageberg, Career & Transition Specialist at the Tailor Autism Institute, United States
Tuesday, November 5 4:15 PM-5:30 PM Galerie 1-3

Abstract: Since the 1990’s, there has been a significant increase in young people being diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder and attending college. Despite possessing average to above average intelligence, these individual’s continue to struggle throughout their life with deficits in the areas of socialization, communication, adapting to changes in routine, time management, ritualistic and repetitive behaviors, and organization. Thus the transition to college may pose unique challenges for students with autism. For example, they no longer automatically receive intensive specialized educational accommodations as they did in high-school. Instead students must self-advocate for receiving accommodations in college. Also post-secondary students with autism ...