Thursday, November 7
11:30 AM-12:00 PM
Galerie 5

Effect of multimodal lessons on students' learning

Full Paper: Research Based ID: 55614
  1. aaa
    Sandra Velazquez
    University of North Texas

Abstract: Engaging students in course content is a challenge for many instructors. The learning model we experience early on in our educational life is the typical lecture model where the instructor delivers the facts, and the student sits in the audience and absorbs the lesson. While this learning model may be ideal for specific topics or skills, the student requires extrinsic motivation to remain engaged in this learning environment. The literature indicates that although there has been a growth of Information and Communication Technology (ICT), there is still hesitation by instructors to implement multimodal lessons. The research leans more towards the use of multimodal lessons with motivational strategies to engage students in the content. The ITC tools are simply a means for delivering the content. The intention is to initiate critical conversations that will identify the kinds of multimodal lessons and activities instructors can implement in their classroom to cultivate motivation and engage students in the learning process.

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