Share Paper: User Activity In Content Areas and Discussion Forums within the LMS: Can Online Active Learning Engagement Correlate to Student Success – What Can Be Predicted?

  1. Mary Jo Parker, University of Houston-Downtown, United States
Thursday, November 7 10:15-10:45 AM Galerie 5

Abstract: Biology 1310/1312 core life and physical science courses are electives to complete core requirements. At the University of Houston-Downtown over 14,200 undergraduates select these science electives for graduation. As “gateway” courses offer fruitful learning and innovative possibilities for all non-science majors, they can contribute to improved learner success and impacting these success metrics. BlackBoard Learn (BBL) analytics offers ways to investigate and quantify engagement levels in online courses. Analyzing engagement data within course performance per individual learner can offer fruitful instructor-led analyzes needed to address the validity of online active learning as a predictor to success online learning. This paper ...