Share Paper: Evolution of a YouTube Channel

  1. Peggy Semingson, University of Texas at Arlington, United States
  2. Leigh Hall, University of Wyoming, United States
Tuesday, November 5 4:15 PM-5:30 PM Galerie 1-3

Abstract: YouTube is the world’s largest video-sharing platform, and its role in educational contexts has been steadily growing (Jung & Lee, 2015). Although YouTube is used outside of academia in prolific ways for different purposes, more research is needed in ways it is used professionally within academia. Additionally, the process by which instructional-focused YouTube channels function evolve over time has the potential to be illuminating to a diverse audience within and outside of academia (e.g,. government, corporate training, e-learning contexts that are informal, healthcare, military, etc.). In this autoethnographic poster presentation, the researchers examined how their respective long-standing YouTube channels have ...