Share Paper: RosterHub: Open-Source Roster Management System for Interoperability of Educational Systems

  1. Koichi Yoshizaki, Oita University, Japan
  2. Junmi Nakashima, Oita University, Japan
Tuesday, November 5 11:30-11:50 AM Regent

Abstract: In recent years, various information systems such as LMS (Learning Management System) have been used in educational institutions, and the educational institutions are required to operate them efficiently and effectively. IMS OneRoster specification is an international standard for sharing learning information managed by SIS (Student Information System) with other application systems. In this study, we have developed a roster management system named RosterHub based on the OneRoster specification in order to utilize the learning information of SIS efficiently and to interoperate the educational systems effectively. As a result of practical evaluations of RosterHub at a Japanese university, it was confirmed ...