Share Paper: Course Redesign and its Impact on Student Success

  1. Rebecca Showalter, Georgia Military College, United States
  2. Corneliu Chiorescu, Georgia Military College, United States
Tuesday, November 5 4:15 PM-5:30 PM Galerie 1-3

Abstract: Course design is often seen as one of the biggest predictors of student outcomes in a course (e.g., Peled, Eshet, Barczyk, & Grinautski, 2019). The current study is motivated by the need to better understand how altering specific course design elements affects student success and retention rates. Such elements can include updated policies, such as increased number of anti-cheating measures and scaffolding of assignments, new assessments, but also changes from traditional textbooks to OER’s, or the implementation of an inclusive access model. The study is limited to specific courses in order to minimize the number of variables that have to ...