Share Paper: Utilizing Learning Analytics in Measuring Students’ Learning Outcomes: Re-examining an Online Course Grounded in the Cognitive-Affective Theory of Learning with Media (CATLM)

  1. Mohamed Ibrahim, Arkansas Tech University, United States
  2. Rebecca Callaway, Arkansas Tech University, United States
  3. Yasemin Gulbahar, Ankara University, Turkey
Tuesday, November 5 10:15-10:45 AM Iberville

Abstract: The purpose of this study was to use learning analytics to measure students’ learning outcomes in an online course using the design principles of cognitive-affective theory of learning with media (CATLM). The results indicated that the use of learning analytics can effectively measure students’ learning outcomes and reiterate the validity of the CATLM design principles in an online course. Participants were from two 4-year universities in the United States and the Republic of Turkey. Regression analysis was conducted to examine a proposed model to predict students’ learning outcomes through their effort, metacognitive and motivational factors. The results indicated that students’ ...