Share Paper: Audio, Graphics, and Text…Oh My! Improving Instructor Presence Through Effective Instructional Message Design

  1. Sharonda Lipscomb, University of North Texas / University of Arkansas at Little Rock, United States
Wednesday, November 6 10:15 AM-11:15 AM Galerie 5

Abstract: The online classroom provides a much different social environment than that of the traditional face-to-face classroom. The role and presence of the online instructor plays an integral part in the engagement and ultimate success of the online learner. According to Moore (1989), learner-instructor interaction, which is regarded as essential by many educators, is also highly desirable for many learners. The aim of this session is to share best practices for creating effective instructional messages (via announcements, discussion, and instructional material directions) through the combined use of graphics, text, and audio/video. Applying principles from Mayer’s (2008) multimedia learning theory along with ...