Wednesday, November 6
10:15 AM-11:15 AM
Galerie 5

Compliance with New State Requirements for Professional Education Program Approval Implementing In-person Site-based Management into Completely Asynchronous Courses For Practimums, Field Studies, and Internships

Roundtable ID: 55402
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    Annette R Hux
    Arkansas State University
  2. aaa
    Jackie McBride
    Arkansas State University
  3. aaa
    Joan Henley
    Arkansas State University
  4. aaa
    Mary Jane Bradley
    Arkansas State University
  5. aaa
    Alicia Shaw
    Arkansas State University

Abstract: : The purpose of this roundtable presentation is to investigate and further develop a plan to implement new State policy standards (effective Fall 2020) for program licensure endorsement in educational leadership. The new State standards require providers of synchronous and asynchronous online licensure courses to incorporate new procedures that will cause a faculty presence via site-based and in-person interaction among program faculty, candidates, and school supervisors in public school administrative licensure programs. In recent years, educational leadership preparation programs in university-based delivery settings have received increased attention and pressure to improve the quality of their online programs. Many university licensure programs have “gone online,” and the lack of a physical faculty presence in the management and monitoring of these programs has become a concern for some departments of education. Their primary concern is the lack of on-site, personal contact among faculty, students, and school district personnel. As a basis for reference, this particular institution represented by authors of this presentation, and affected by the new standards, offers the largest asynchronous online degree and licensure program in its State of location, and as well, one of the largest in the nation. The adoption of the new standards will undoubtedly result in substantial, fundamental, and costly changes in the aspects of program delivery.

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