Share Paper: Increasing authentic participation in asynchronous online discussions: Tips for instructors and instructional designers

  1. Kimberly Harrison, Aurora University, United States
  2. Cynthia York, Northern Illinois University, United States
  3. Hayley Mayall, Northern Illinois University, United States
Wednesday, October 17 2:15-2:45 PM Las Vegas Ballroom 7

Abstract: Asynchronous online discussion has become a staple of many higher education courses. This study was designed to understand more fully social identity development within undergraduate online discussions. Using a case study design, the authors examined the online discussions of five students aged 20-25 who had senior status at a four-year university in the Midwest. Specifically, the research examined students’ impression management techniques to develop social identities within asynchronous online discussions. Findings indicate a variety of factors that influence how the participants developed their social identities using elements of social presence and facework. How participants develop their social identities influenced their ...