A Study of Pulse Wave Analysis Based on Biological Data Measurements in Educational Experiments

ID: 53692 Type: Brief Paper
  1. Ryoya Hayashi, Tomohiro Nakahara, Hatsuho Nankai, Akihito Fujimoto, Takaya Masaki, and Tetsuya Sato, Kobe City College of Technology, Japan

Wednesday, October 17 10:35-10:55 AM Location: Las Vegas Ballroom 7 View on map

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Abstract: This paper is a report on a new analysis of human heart pulse to look into an autonomic learning behaviors based on biological data measurements using a pulse oximeter. Intensive experiments were carried out in our college students' English vocabulary learning situations. While we have reported on the utilization of some biometric information including the brainwave, the eye-blinking point of time and strength, the pulse rate and the PI(Perfusion Index) of the heartbeat, the blood oxygen level(SpO2), and the sphygmographic-wave from the sensors connected to the Android device in our previous papers, the report focuses on a further analysis of pulse waveform. Based on our intensive analysis, we have calculated a new evaluation value of the HRV(Heart Rate Variability); in other words, the variation of the inter-beat(RR) interval(RRI) which is believed to reflect the activity of the human nerve system. Though many numerical analysis methods were reported, in order to realize a real-time feedback on a handy mobile device including Android device, we have adopted a simple RMS(root-mean-square) calculation of each interval(RRI)'s difference against the immediate previous RRI on the Lorenz plot analysis, and shown a possible usefulness in our students' learning situation.


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