Share Paper: Online Gateway Assessments in Applied Calculus

  1. Erin Goodykoontz, West Virginia University, United States
  2. Doug Squire, West Virginia University, United States
  3. Cody Hood, West Virginia University, United States
Tuesday, October 16 3:40 PM-4:00 PM Las Vegas Ballroom 1

Abstract: Applied Calculus draws a large number of non-STEM majors with widely varying mathematical backgrounds. To meet the needs of this large student population, we use an online assessment system to help students receive timely feedback and additional opportunities to practice problems to increase student understanding. In the past students often completed Applied Calculus without demonstrating a mastery of basic calculus skills. The implementation of online gateway assessments has alleviated this problem, however the implementation has been challenging with over 1000 students enrolling in the course each year. We look at the use of this online assessment system and its role ...